Laser Hole Drilling

Laser Hole Drilling

Many applications require precision and accuracy. Small imperfections in manufacturing lead to major issues later. Laser hole drilling with femto and picosecond lasers from Laserod help you work with sensitive materials.

What are the benefits of solid-state lasers?

There are many benefits to using solid state lasers. They have smaller cut widths and spot widths. The FDA approved femtosecond solid-state lasers in 2001 for use in medical equipment. These lasers use a solid minority ion with a crystal to generate powerful beams of light.

Some of the benefits of YAGA and excimer lasers include:

  • Short wavelengths of 1.06 down to 0.248 microns
  • Spot sizes of 12 down to 3 micros
  • Approval for medical and electronics production

These lasers are crucial to success when you need to produce at rates below strict error ratios or offer sensitive devices. Laserod lasers work well for thin coatings with less than one micron of thickness as well.

Solid-state lasers from Laserod

Laserod lasers are built to last and cut through some of the toughest materials. Our products are used by world-renowned research institutions such as Stanford and companies including IBM and Lockheed Martin.

We add even more value to solid-sate lasers with:

  • An easy to use interface
  • Fixed bean and XY stage lasers
  • Optimized software and CADCAM
  • Custom laser systems for many industries

Laserod is perfect for small hole drilling. These lasers work give you control and a view into your machining process.

Simple Laser Interface

There is no need to tune a complicated device. Laser drilling machines have been out of the research stage for decades.

Laserod software and cut stations come with easy-to-use interfaces that help improve precision. Give technicians the ability to react to issues quickly and maintain control over the production process.

Custom Lasers for Multiple Industries

Programming a laser is crucial to how laser drilling works. Patterns differ across industries.

Laserod offers custom products for aerospace, computer engineering, and research and development. Get an optimized product to stay well within ISO and IEE standards. There is no need to spend countless hours to tune devices that may or may not work for your needs.

Small Hole Drilling and Wafer Resizing

Creating precision electronics requires using manufacturing standards that just work. A small glitch creates a major problem when accuracy is key.

Laserod systems work well when laser drilling for micro holes and in sensitive wafer resizing. Stanford University relies on our machines to produce parts for the North Pole Telescope that will offer an unparalleled glance into the heavens from earth.

Where can I find a femtosecond laser for micro hole drilling?

Drilling down to the femtosecond makes Laserod products perfect for laser hole drilling. Sensitive machining requires products that stand up to high volumes without damaging surrounding material. Laserod lasers offer small cut widths and wavelengths that give your technicians total control.

Get in touch with our laser microhole drilling experts at 1-888-991-9916 for more information about our products and solid-state laser drilling.

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