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There are so many horror stories that suggest using UV light is the best way to disinfect the worst kinds of pathogens. Many companies that deal with biological impurities recommend following up any cleaning process with soap and water.

Anyone who is constantly exposed to bacteria and germs will swear to the use of UV light rays. Some microbiologists state that the only proper way of breaking down a bacteria from the core of its anatomy is by using a technology that goes beyond the surface to damage the RNA and DNA. Using a UV disinfection robot prevents the replication of these pathogens, which means they will not be able to reproduce correctly after the cleaning.

Types Of Bacteria And Viruses Killed By UV Sterilization

We will explain what kind of microbes can be cleaned out by UVC by first describing a couple of case studies on its efficacy in real-life experiments.

The University of St. Andrews and the University of Leeds conducted experiments to establish how UV light performed against one of the most resistant microbes. They released a concentration of these pathogens into a room and gave them time multiple until they reached the right amount of saturation.

They then turned on the UV lamps and watched as the microbes died out by about 98% in five minutes. These scientists continued to spray the room with the same amount of microbes to try and keep the concentration stable at a high level but realized that the UVC light was efficient and did the opposite; it kept the microbes at a minimum stable level. A reasonable conclusion is that UVC light is highly effective against a wide array of microbes that we encounter in everyday life. Using the CleanBox makes your devices as safe as possible, which means you have a better chance of achieving optimal health by using them instead of simply relying on soap and water.

How Many Variants Can UVC Clean Phone Sterilizer Light Kill?

UVC light is an excellent choice because it is nothing like a regular disinfectant or antibacterial cleaner. The technology does not adhere to the laws of mutation and offers one of the most practical ways of ensuring you kill all kinds of variants in one go.

You want to make sure you use UVC light to target all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and the likes fast and efficiently.

Best Type Of UV Light Phone Sanitizers For All Kinds Of Pathogens

UV light is only effective and safe when using one with the right frequency. UV light has a lot of different wavelengths, which all give different energies and cleaning results. We use UVC light with the shortest wavelengths of all three and the most vital ability to penetrate and damage the RNA and DNA strands.

UV sterilization and disinfection goes back to the early 20th century and continues to be a top option for medical cleaning services. Check out our information online for more details on all ultraviolet light devices and fast delivery.

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