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Our dedicated technical team is led by a highly experienced electrical engineer. From small projects like an oil change maintenance project to full turnkey installation projects, our team gets the job done within budget and on time.

Premier Cabos Services

6 Monthly maintenance on all transformers and mini-substations when requested, this service offering includes:

    • General maintenance
    • Adding or exchanging the transformer oil
    • Delivering full test reports
Premier Cabos Services

Our installation service includes:

    • The building of Medium voltage lines (up to 33kV)
    • Performing transformer or mini-substation installations
    • Installation of Medium voltage panels in transformer rooms as well as performing all cabling and connections to the main switchboards
    • Replacing redundant Medium voltage equipment, repairing if possible or replacing with new and updated equipment
Premier Cabos Services

Complete turnkey electrical installations for new factories with all certifications in place.

    • We’ve provided a national roll-out for Merec Industries S.A (Milling company), which is the largest food industry producer in Mozambique.

Our dedicated technical team provide peace of mind when it comes to small or large electrical projects

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Popular Questions

Yes, even if we are not chosen to implement your project we will gladly join your consulting team to ensure that government compliance and all electrical requirements are met.

Yes, but you need more than the right products at the right price. Our expert team can advice down the to last circuit breaker what your electrical project requires.
We believe that you also need a partner with solutions and services that will help your business grow. We’d like to get in touch.

Yes, it doesn’t matter the size of your business. Our credit approved clients can receive terms for up to 60 days.  Why don’t you contact us today to get your company approved.

We serve all markets that require electrical installations, or material to complete a low to medium voltage installation. These included, but are not limited to:

    • Oil and Gas facilities
    • Manufacturing
    • Food and Farm production
    • Pulp and Saw Mills
    • Panel Builders
    • Mining
    • Commercial and Institutional Facilities
    • Residential Developments

We would like to work with you, let’s connect.

Electrical Wholesaler to Industry in Mozambique. The largest stockist of low and medium voltage electrical cable and we deliver.

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